SAIC-Frederick Training and Devleopment


Training and Development

The goal of the SAIC-Frederick Training and Development Team is to:

  • provide quality training and development opportunities to all SAIC-Frederick employees
  • promote, support, and enhance personal and professional growth
  • cultivate a culture of continuous learning

This site will give you access to a multitude of training resources available for SAIC-Frederick, government and other contractor employees at NCI-Frederick. It provides detailed information about the learning opportunities offered throughout the year.

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    • Sukanya Bora, Manager
      Training & Development
      Human Resources
      Phone: 301-846-1129
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Upcoming Courses

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  • Building a Culture of Respect-The Keys to Creating a Collaborative & Effective Work Team NEW!
    This important session focuses on building awareness in managers of the attitudes, emotions, behaviors, etc. that create barriers to a respectful workplace culture; and providing self-management and interpersonal skills training that will lead to more openness, effective communication, greater collaboration, and better resolution of differences at the office.

    Friday, February 15, 2013
    11:30 am -1:30 pm
    Conference Room B, Building 549, Ft. Detrick
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  • The SAIC-Frederick Prime Contract and You
    Bring your imagination, and your lunch, as we delve into a world of intrigue, twisting plots and cliff-hanging story lines as we take on this most scintillating of subjects—The SAIC-Frederick Prime Contract. You’ve heard references to it and, perhaps, even seen a glimpse of it, but exactly what is SAIC-Frederick’s prime contract and how does it affect what we do? This interactive course has been developed to answer these and all of life’s other great questions (or at lease most of those related to the contracting environment here at SAIC-Frederick). Topics for this session include: A prime contract overview (including a viewing of genuine copy of the real contract), how SAIC-Frederick is unique in its role supporting a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC), what regulations affect our operations, interactions with government personnel and, how the prime contract affects each of us and much more.

    , February 26, 2013
    12:00pm -1:00pm
    Conference Room B, Building 549, Ft. Detrick
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