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Ergonomics Program

Safety leads the NCI-Frederick Ergonomics Program with work site evaluations, training, consulting, and early intervention programs. Ergonomic programs strive to eliminate or control hazards in the working environment by applying ergonomic principles in office and non-office environments. The primary goal of the work site evaluation is to ensure a safe and healthy work environment by identifying and evaluating potential hazards. The ergonomics program also educates employees and supervisors with the goal of enabling each department to make site-specific decisions on procurement and practice. For more information, or to schedule an ergonomic evaluation, call EHS at ext. 1451.

Please contact  x1451 to set up an appointment time for an individual to visit your workstation and conduct an ergonomic evaluation.  It is also highly recommeded that if you are experiencing pain regarding the situation, please seek medical assistance at x1096.  EHS can recommend chair vendors for office and laboratory settings. 

*EHS has a few chairs and other ergonomic products for trial purposes.  Please contact either x6381 or x5376 for further information regarding chair vendors.

For information on ergonomic laboratory equipment, such as pipettes, Contact Ashley Shoemaker at x6381.  EHS will loan ergonomic pipettes on a trial basis to anyone who is interested.

Ergonomic Resources




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