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Campus Security

Protective Services
Building 426
Tel: 301-846-1091

Fort Detrick Access Control Procedures

The procedures for entry to Fort Detrick have changed. Vehicle decals are no longer being issued and are no longer necessary for access at any gate. Gate access is controlled by personal identification of all individuals entering Fort Detrick.

  1. NCI-Frederick employees and other individuals, such as NIH employees from Bethesda, with valid Federal/NIH PIV card or NCI-Frederick badge (cardkey) will be granted unimpeded access through any open gate.
  2. Individuals with a valid Federal/NIH PIV card can vouch for others (except foreign visitors) in the vehicle through the Trusted Traveler Program. You cannot vouch for others in your vehicle using your NCI-Frederick badge (cardkey); you must use the NIH PIV card or other valid Federal PIV card.
  3. All individuals without a valid Federal/NIH PIV card or locally issued NCI-Frederick badge (cardkey) must access Fort Detrick as a visitor and pass through the Old Farm Gate. The vehicle and all occupants are subject to inspection. The driver should be prepared to present a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance card. This includes family members who may be dropping off or picking up employees unless an individual with proper credentials (i.e. Federal/NIH PIV card) is in the vehicle.
  4. Vendors, subcontractors, temp agency employees and other personnel who are not authorized to be issued a Federal/NIH PIV card may be issued an NCI-Frederick badge (cardkey) by SAIC-Frederick Services Office. The process for issuing the NCI-Frederick badge (cardkey) includes being cleared by the NIH Police.
  5. Individuals not authorized to be issued either a Federal/NIH PIV card or an NCI-Frederick badge (cardkey) may apply for a Fort Detrick ID badge. An example of someone who may wish to apply for this badge is a family member who routinely transports an employee to/from work. Forms to apply for this Fort Detrick badge are available in Protective Services, Building 426.
  6. All foreign visitors must gain access through the Old Farm Gate as a visitor. The Trusted Traveler Program is not applicable to a foreign visitor. Thus, an NCI-Frederick employee with a Federal/NIH PIV card may not vouch for a foreign visitor. Foreign visitors should be prepared to present their passport as identification and the name and telephone number of the person (their sponsor) that they will be visiting. If the foreign visitor is driving a vehicle they must be prepared to show a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of vehicle insurance. In addition, the sponsor needs to wait at the Old Farm Gate for their foreign visitor to arrive. The sponsor must escort the foreign visitor to and from the gate either by leading or following the vehicle occupied by the foreign visitor. The sponsor is responsible for ensuring that the foreign visitor is escorted at all times.
  7. These procedures apply to all individuals and vehicles (private or government-owned). All commercial vehicles must enter through the Old Farm Gate as must all visitors and all personnel without a valid Federal ID (i.e. Federal/NIH PIV card or NCI-Frederick badge (cardkey).

    Gate Operational Hours

    Gate Hours of Operation Days of Operation

    Veteran’s Gate
    Gate 2

    6 a.m. - 6 p.m.

    Extended hours for OUTBOUND Vehicle and INBOUND/OUTBOUND Pedestrian
    Traffic until 8 p.m.

    Monday through Friday (Closed Weekends)

    Old Farm
    Gate 4

    24 hours/day

    7 days/week (Holidays included)

    Gate 1

    6 a.m. - 6 p.m.

    Mon - Fri

    Rosemont Gate
    Gate 3

    6 a.m. - 6 p.m.

    Mon - Fri

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