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Waste Management

Our mission is to manage all chemical, radioactive, and biomedical wastes generated at the NCI-Frederick. We emphasize pollution prevention as a means to maintain environmental protection and compliance.

To learn about the specific types of wastes generated at the NCI-Frederick, click on the following links:

Autoclave Waste 
Burnable Waste
Chemical Waste
Radioactive Waste
Medical Waste
Broken Glass Box
Mixed Waste
Household Hazardous Waste
Sewer Information - What can go down the drain?

Pickup Schedule:
Hazardous Chemicals and Waste----Wednesday Morning
Radioactive Solid and Dry Waste----Tuesday Morning
Radioactive Liquid Waste------------Thursday Morning
Pippette Tip Tray Recycling ---------Friday Morning

Submit a pickup request:
Chemical Waste ncichemwaste@mail.nih.gov or x5718)
Radioactive Waste (nciradwaste@mail.nih.gov or x1384)

Surplus Chemicals
Useful Forms

Be sure to check out the recycling web site: Recycling at NCI-Frederick

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