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PubMed summary

ORCID ID 0000-0002-3062-5250

Selected Publications

Mitchell, J.L., Takata, H., Muir, R., Colby, D.J., Kroon, E., Crowell, T.A., Sacdalan, C., Pinyakorn, S., Puttamaswin, S., Benjapornpong, K., Trichavaroj, R., Tressler, R.L., Fox, L., Polonis, V.R., Bolton, D.L., Maldarelli, F., Lewin, S.R., Haddad, E.K., Phanuphak, P., Robb, M.L., Michael, N.L., de Souza, M., Phanuphak, N., Ananworanich, J., and Trautmann, L.  (2020)  Plasmacytoid dendritic cells sense HIV replication before detectable viremia following treatment interruption.  J. Clin. Invest. 130: 2845-2858.
Abstract     Full-text PDF    PMID 32017709     DOI 10.1172/JCI130597

Maldarelli, F.  (2020)  The gift of a lifetime: Analysis of HIV at autopsy.  J. Clin. Invest. 130: 1611-1614.
Abstract     Full-text PDF    PMID 32091411     DOI 10.1172/JCI135905

Elbezanti, W., Lin, A., Schirling, A., Jackson, A., Marshall, M., Van Duyne, R., Maldarelli, F., Sardo, L., and Klase, Z.  (2020)  Benzodiazepines drive alteration of chromatin at the integrated HIV-1 LTR.  Viruses 12(2): E191.
Abstract     Full-text PDF    PMID 32050449; PMCID PMC7077212
DOI 10.3390/v12020191

Anderson, E.M., Simonetti, F.R., Gorelick, R.J., Hill, S., Gouzoulis, M.A., Bell, J., Rehm, C., Pérez, L., Boritz, E., Wu, X., Wells, D., Hughes, S.H., Rao, V., Coffin, J.M., Kearney, M.F., and Maldarelli, F.  (2020)  Dynamic shifts in the HIV proviral landscape during long term combination antiretroviral therapy: Implications for persistence and control of HIV infections.  Viruses 12(2): E136.
Abstract     Full-text PDF    PMID 31991737; PMCID PMC7077288
DOI 10.3390/v12020136

Reid, E.G., Suazo, A., Lensing, S.Y., Dittmer, D.P., Ambinder, R.F., Maldarelli, F., Gorelick, R.J., Aboulafia, D.M., Mitsuyasu, R., Dickson, M.A., and Wachsman, W., on behalf of AIDS Malignancy Consortium (AMC).  (2020)  Pilot Trial AMC-063: Safety and efficacy of bortezomib in AIDS-associated Kaposi sarcoma.  Clin. Cancer Res. 26: 558-565.
Abstract     Full-text PDF     PMID 31624104     DOI 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-19-1044

Winchester, N.E., Maldarelli, F., Mejia, Y., Dee, N., Dewar, R., Laidlaw, E., Kuriakose, S.S., Stoll, P., Proschan, M., Lane, H.C., and Pau, A.K.  (2020)  Eight-day inpatient directly observed therapy for antiretroviral (ART) failure: A tool for preventing unnecessary ART changes and optimizing adherence support.  Clin. Infect. Dis. 70: 1222-1225.
Abstract     Full-text PDF     PMID 31217357     DOI 10.1093/cid/ciz590

Hataye, J.M., Casazza, J.P., Best, K., Liang, C.J., Immonen, T.T., Ambrozak, D.R., Darko, S., Henry, A.R., Laboune, F., Maldarelli, F., Douek, D.C., Hengartner, N.W., Yamamoto, T., Keele, B.F., Perelson, A.S., and Koup, R.A.  (2019)  Principles governing establishment versus collapse of HIV-1 cellular spread.  Cell Host Microbe 26: 748-763.
Abstract     Full-text PDF    PMID 31761718     DOI 10.1016/j.chom.2019.10.006

Patro, S.C., Brandt, L.D., Bale, M.J., Halvas, E.K., Joseph, K.W., Shao, W., Wu, X., Guo, S., Murrell, B., Wiegand, A., Spindler, J., Raley, C., Hautman, C., Sobolewski, M., Fennessey, C.M., Hu, W.-S., Luke, B., Hasson, J.M., Niyongabo, A., Capoferri, A.A., Keele, B.F., Milush, J., Hoh, R., Deeks, S.G., Maldarelli, F., Hughes, S.H., Coffin, J.M., Rausch, J.W., Mellors, J.W., and Kearney, M.F.  (2019)  Combined HIV-1 sequence and integration site analysis informs viral dynamics and allows reconstruction of replicating viral ancestors.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 116: 25891-25899.
Abstract     Full-text PDF     PMID 31776247     DOI 10.1073/pnas.1910334116

Musick, A., Spindler, J., Boritz, E., Perez, L., Crespo-Velez, D., Patro, S.C., Sobolewski, M.D., Bale, M.J., Reid, C., Keele, B.F., Shao, W., Wiegand, A., Simonetti, F.R., Mellors, J.W., Hughes, S.H., Coffin, J.M., Maldarelli, F., and Kearney, M.F.  (2019)  HIV infected T cells can proliferate in vivo without inducing expression of the integrated provirus.  Front. Microbiol. 10: 2204.
Abstract      Full-text PDF     PMID 31632364; PMCID PMC6781911
DOI 10.3389/fmicb.2019.02204

Wonderlich, E.R., Subramanian, K., Cox, B., Wiegand, A., Lackman-Smith, C., Bale, M.J., Stone, M., Hoh, R., Kearney, M.F., Maldarelli, F., Deeks, S.G., Busch, M.P., Ptak, R.G., and Kulpa, D.A.  (2019)  Effector memory differentiation increases detection of replication-competent HIV-l in resting CD4+ T cells from virally suppressed individuals.  PLoS Pathog. 15(10): e1008074.
Abstract     Full-text PDF     PMID 31609991; PMCID PMC6812841
DOI 10.1371/journal.ppat.1008074

Bozzi, G., Simonetti, F.R., Watters, S.A., Anderson, E.M., Gouzoulis, M., Kearney, M.F., Rote, P., Lange, C., Shao, W., Gorelick, R., Fullmer, B., Kumar, S., Wank, S., Hewitt, S., Kleiner, D.E., Hattori, J., Bale, M.J., Hill, S., Bell, J., Rehm, C., Grossman, Z., Yarchoan, R., Uldrick, T., and Maldarelli, F.  (2019)  No evidence of ongoing HIV replication or compartmentalization in tissues during combination antiretroviral therapy: Implications for HIV eradication.  Sci. Adv. 5(9): eaaav2045.
Abstract     Full-text PDF     PMID 31579817; PMCID PMC6760922
DOI 10.1126/sciadv.aav2045

Grossman, Z., Avidor, B., Girshengoren, S., Katchman, E., Maldarelli, F., and Turner, D.  (2019)  Transmission dynamics of HIV subtype A in Tel Aviv, Israel: Implications for HIV spread and eradication.  Open Forum Infect. Dis. 6(7): ofz304.
Abstract     Full-text PDF     PMID 31363777; PMCID PMC6657966
DOI 10.1093/ofid/ofz304

Coffin, J.M., Wells, D., Zerbato, J.M., Kuruc, J.D., Guo, S., Luke, B.T., Eron, J.J., Bale, M., Spindler, J., Simonetti, F.R., Hill, S., Kearney, M.F., Maldarelli, F., Wu, X., Mellors, J.W., and Hughes, S.H.  (2019)  Clones of infected cells arise early in HIV infected individuals.  JCI Insight 4: e128432.
Abstract     Full-text PDF     PMID 31217357     DOI 10.1172/jci.insight.128432

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Coffin, J., and Hughes, S.H.  Author's Take — Persistence of early arising clones of HIV-infected cells in patients .  JCI Insight, published July 3, 2019.

Fennessey, C.M., Camus, C., Immonen, T.T., Reid, C., Maldarelli, F., Lifson, J.D., and Keele, B.F. (2019) Low-level alternative tRNA priming of reverse transcription of HIV-1 and SIV in vivo. Retrovirology 16(1): 11.
Abstract     Full-text PDF     PMID 30947720     DOI 10.1186/s12977-019-0473-2

Gibson, K.M., Steiner, M.C., Kassaye, S., Maldarelli, F., Grossman, Z., Pérez-Losada, M., and Crandall, K.A. (2019) A 28-year history of HIV-1 drug resistance and transmission in Washington, DC. Front. Microbiol. 10: 369.
Abstract     Full-text PDF     PMID 30906285; PMCID PMC6418020
DOI 10.3389/fmicb.2019.00369

Reid, E.G., Looney, D., Maldarelli, F., Noy, A., Henry, D., Aboulafia, D., Ramos, J.C., Sparano, J., Ambinder, R.F., Lee, J., Cesarman, E., Yahyaei, S., Mitsuyasu, R., Wachsman, W., for the AIDS Malignancy Consortium. (2018) Safety and efficacy of an oncolytic viral strategy using bortezomib with ICE/R in relapsed/refractory HIV-positive lymphomas. Blood Adv. 2: 3618-3626.
Abstract     Full-text PDF from NIH Public Access     PMID 30573564

George, J.M., Kuriakose, S.S., Dee, N., Stoll, P., Lalani, T., Dewar, R., Khan, M.A., Rehman, M.T., Grossman, Z., Maldarelli, F., and Pau, A.K. (2018) Rapid development of high-level resistance to dolutegravir with emergence of T97A mutation in 2 treatment-experienced individuals with baseline partial sensitivity to dolutegravir. Open Forum Infect. Dis. 5(10): ofy221.
Abstract     Full-text PDF from NIH Public Access     PMID 30568974

Pastrana, D.V., Peretti, A., Welch, N.L., Borgogna, C., Olivero, C., Badolato, R., Notarangelo, L.D., Gariglio, M., FitzGerald, P.C., McIntosh, C.E., Reeves, J., Starrett, G.J., Bliskovsky, V., Velez, D., Brownell, I., Yarchoan, R., Wyvill, K.M., Uldrick, T.S., Maldarelli, F., Lisco, A., Sereti, I., Gonzalez, C.M., Androphy, E.J., McBride, A.A., Van Doorslaer, K., Garcia, F., Dvoretzky, I., Liu, J.S., Han, J., Murphy, P.M., McDermott, D.H., and Buck, C.B. (2018) Metagenomic discovery of 83 new human papillomavirus types in patients with immunodeficiency. mSphere 3(6): e00645-18.
Abstract     Full-text PDF from publisher     PMID 30541782

Anderson, E.M., and Maldarelli, F. (2018) Quantification of HIV DNA using droplet digital PCR techniques. Curr. Protoc. Microbiol. 51: e62.
Abstract     Full-text PDF from publisher     PMID 30253074

Anderson, E.M., and Maldarelli, F. (2018) The role of integration and clonal expansion in HIV infection: Live long and prosper. Retrovirology 15: 71.
Abstract     Full-text PDF from publisher     PMID 30352600

Grossman, Z., Rico, S., Cone, K., Shao, W., Rehm, C., Jones, S., Bozzi, G., Dean, S., Dewar, R., Rehman, T., Purdy, J., Hadigan, C., Pau, A.K., and Maldarelli, F. (2018) Early presence of HIV-1 subtype C in Washington, D.C. AIDS Res. Hum. Retroviruses 34: 680-684.
Abstract     Full-text PDF from publisher     Supplemental material     PMID 29936863

Kearney, M.F., Wiegand, A., Shao, W., McManus, W.R., Bale, M., Luke, B., Maldarelli, F., Mellors, J.W., and Coffin, J.M. (2017) Perspectives: Ongoing HIV replication during ART reconsidered. Open Forum Infect. Dis. 4(3): 1-5.
Abstract     Full-text PDF from publisher     Supplementary data

Brooks, K.M., Garrett, K.L., Kuriakose, S.S., George, J.M., Balba, G., Bailey, B., Anderson, M., Lane, H.C., Maldarelli, F., and Pau, A.K. (2017) Decreased absorption of dolutegravir and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate, but not emtricitabine, in an HIV-infected patient following oral and jejunostomy-tube administration. Pharmacotherapy 37(8): e82-e89.
Abstract     Full-text PDF from publisher     PMID 28556353

Paredes, R., Tzou, P.L., van Zyl, G., Barrow, G., Camacho, R., Carmona, S., Grant, P.M., Gupta, R.K., Hamers, R.L., Harrigan, P.R., Jordan, M.R., Kantor, R., Katzenstein, D.A., Kuritzkes, D.R., Maldarelli, F., Otelea, D., Wallis, C.L., Schapiro, J.M., and Shafer, R.W. (2017) Collaborative update of a rule-based expert system for HIV-1 genotypic resistance test interpretation. PLoS One 12(7):e0181357.
Abstract     Full-text PDF from publisher     Supporting information
PMID 28753637

Boltz, V.F., Rausch, J., Shao, W., Hattori, J., Luke, B., Maldarelli, F., Mellors, J.W., Kearney, M.F., and Coffin, J.M. (2016) Ultrasensitive single-genome sequencing: Accurate, targeted, next generation sequencing of HIV-1 RNA. Retrovirology 13: 87.     [ Abstract ]
[Full-text PDF (3794 K) from publisher]     [PMID: 27998286 ]

Polizzotto, M.N., Uldrick, T.S., Wyvill, K.M., Aleman, K., Peer, C.J., Bevans, M., Sereti, I., Maldarelli, F., Whitby, D., Marshall, V., Goncalves, P.H., Khetani, V., Figg, W.D., Steinberg, S.M., Zeldis, J.B., and Yarchoan, R. (2016) Pomalidomide for symptomatic Kaposi's sarcoma in people with and without HIV infection: A phase I/II study. J. Clin. Oncol. 34: 4125-4131.
[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF (674 K) from publisher]     [PMID: 27863194 ]

Mikula, J.M., Manion, M.M., Maldarelli, F., Suarez, L.M., Norman-Wheeler, J.F., Ober, A.G., Dewar, R.L., Kopp, J.B., Lane, H.C., and Pau, A.K. (2016) Tenofovir alafenamide as part of a salvage regimen in a patient with multi-drug resistant HIV and tenofovir-DF-associated renal tubulopathy. Antivir Ther. 21: 553-558.     [ Abstract ]
[Full-text PDF (187 K) from publisher]     [PMID: 26954372 ]

Desimmie, B.A., Burdick, R.C., Izumi, T., Doi, H., Shao, W., Alvord, W.G., Sato, K., Koyanagi, Y., Jones, S., Wilson, E., Hill, S., Maldarelli, F., Hu, W.-S., and Pathak, V.K. (2016) APOBEC3 proteins can copackage and comutate HIV-1 genomes. Nucleic Acids Res. 44: 7848-7865.
[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF (1734 K) from NIH Public Access]
[ Supplementary data ]     [PMID: 27439715 ; PMCID: PMC5027510 ]

Kassaye, S.G., Grossman, Z., Balamane, M., Johnston-White, B., Liu, C., Kumar, P., Young, M., Sneller, M.C., Sereti, I., Dewar, R., Rehm, C., Meyer, W. 3rd, Shafer, R., Katzenstein, D., and Maldarelli, F. (2016) Transmitted HIV drug resistance high and longstanding in metropolitan Washington, D.C. Clin. Infect. Dis. 63: 836-843.     [ Abstract ]
[Full-text PDF (663 K) from publisher]     [ Supplementary data ]     [PMID: 27307507 ]

Boritz, E.A., Darko, S., Swaszek, L., Wolf, G., Wells, D., Wu, X., Henry, A.R., Laboune, F., Hu, J., Ambrozak, D., Hughes, M.S., Hoh, R., Casazza, J.P., Vostal, A., Bunis, D., Nganou-Makamdop, K., Lee, J.S., Migueles, S.A., Koup, R.A., Connors, M., Moir, S., Schacker, T., Maldarelli, F., Hughes, S.H., Deeks, S.G., and Douek, D.C. (2016) Multiple origins of virus persistence during natural control of HIV infection. Cell 166: 1004-1015.
[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF (1631 K) from publisher]     [PMID: 27453467 ]

Watters, S.A., Mlcochova, P., Maldarelli, F., Goonetilleke, N., Pillay, D., and Gupta, R.K. (2016) Sequential CCR5-tropic HIV-1 reactivation from distinct cellular reservoirs following perturbation of elite control. PLoS ONE 11(7):e0158854.
[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF (536 K) from NIH Public Access]
[PMID: 27403738 ; PMCID: PMC4942039 ]

Shao, W., Shan, J., Kearney, M.F., Wu, X., Maldarelli, F., Mellors, J.W., Luke, B., Coffin, J.M., and Hughes, S.H. (2016) Retrovirus Integration Database (RID): A public database for retroviral insertion sites into host genomes. Retrovirology 13: 47.     [ Abstract ]
[Full-text PDF (2863 K) from publisher]     [PMID: 27377064 ]

Simonetti, F.R., Sobolewski, M.D., Fyne, E., Shao, W., Spindler, J., Hattori, J., Anderson, E.M., Watters, S.A., Hill, S., Wu, X., Wells, D., Su, L., Luke, B.T., Halvas, E.K., Besson, G., Penrose, K.J., Yang, Z., Kwan, R.W., Van Waes, C., Uldrick, T., Citrin, D., Kovacs, J., Polis, M.A., Rehm, C.A., Gorelick, R., Piatak, M., Keele, B.F., Kearney, M.F., Coffin, J.M., Hughes, S.H., Mellors, J.W., and Maldarelli, F. (2016) Clonally expanded CD4+ T cells can produce infectious HIV-1 in vivo. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 113: 1883-1888.     [ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF (11,438 K) from publisher]
[PMID: 26858442 ]

Related Article:

Kim, M., and Siliciano, R.F. (2016) Commentary: Reservoir expansion by T-cell proliferation may be another barrier to curing HIV infection . Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 113: 1692-1694.

Maldarelli, F. (2016) The role of HIV integration in viral persistence: no more whistling past the proviral graveyard. J. Clin. Invest. 126: 438-447.     [ Abstract ]
[Full-text PDF (763 K) from publisher]     [PMID: 26829624 ]

Asher, I., Guri, K.M., Elbirt, D., Bezalel, S.R., Maldarelli, F., Mor, O., Grossman, Z., and Sthoeger, Z.M. (2016) Characteristics and outcome of patients diagnosed with HIV at older age. Medicine 95(1): e2327.
[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF (254 K) from publisher]     [PMID: 26735534 ]

Grossman, Z., Avidor, B., Mor, Z., Chowers, M., Levy, I., Shahar, E., Riesenberg, K., Sthoeger, Z., Maayan, S., Shao, W., Lorber, M., Olstein-Pops, K., Elbirt, D., Elinav, H., Asher, I., Averbuch, D., Istomin, V., Gottesman, B.S., Kedem, E., Girshengorn, S., Kra-Oz, Z., Shemer Avni, Y., Radian Sade, S., Turner, D., and Maldarelli, F. (2015) A population-structured HIV epidemic in Israel: Roles of risk and ethnicity. PLoS One 10(8): e0135061.
[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF (4884 K) from publisher]     [ Supporting information ]
[PMID: 26302493 ]

Bhardwaj, N., Maldarelli, F., Mellors, J., and Coffin, J.M. (2014) HIV-1 infection leads to increased transcription of HERV-K (HML-2) proviruses in vivo but not to increased virion production. J. Virol. 88: 11108-11120.     [ Abstract ]     [PMID: 25056891 ]
[Full-text PDF (2222 K) from publisher]     [ Supplemental material (69 K)]

Maldarelli, F., Wu, X., Su, L., Simonetti, F.R., Shao, W., Hill, S., Spindler, J., Ferris, A.L., Mellors, J.W., Kearney, M.F., Coffin, J.M., and Hughes, S.H. (2014) Specific HIV integration sites are linked to clonal expansion and persistence of infected cells. Science 345: 179-183.
[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF (547 K) from publisher]     [ Supplementary materials ]
[PMID: 24968937 ]

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26 June 2014.

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Opening the HIV mystery box — The right spot to integrate and persist . Cell
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HIV integration at certain sites in host DNA is linked to the expansion and persistence of infected cells , July 2014.

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to clonal growth and persistence of infected cells
, 26 June 2014.

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Where HIV genetic information is inserted into host DNA is linked to clonal growth and persistence of infected cells , August 2014.

Editorial in Molecular Therapy:
Baum, C. (2014) Data vs. dogma: HIV-1 integrations driving clonal selection . Mol. Ther. 22: 1557-1558.

Shao, W., Kearney, M.F., Boltz, V.F., Spindler, J.E., Mellors, J.W., Maldarelli, F., and Coffin, J.M. (2014) PAPNC, a novel method to calculate nucleotide diversity from large scale next generation sequencing data. J. Virol. Methods 203C: 73-80.     [ Abstract ]
[Full-text PDF (819 K) from publisher]     [PMID: 24681054 ]

Kearney, M.F., Spindler, J., Shao, W., Yu, S., Anderson, E.M., O'Shea, A., Rehm, C., Poethke, C., Kovacs, N., Mellors, J.W., Coffin, J.M., and Maldarelli, F. (2014) Lack of detectable HIV-1 molecular evolution during suppressive antiretroviral therapy. PLoS Pathog. 10(3): e1004010.     [ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF (1253 K) from publisher]     [PMID: 24651464 ]

Klase, Z., Yedavalli, V.S., Houzet, L., Perkins, M., Maldarelli, F., Brenchley, J., Strebel, K., Liu, P., and Jeang, K.-T. (2014) Activation of HIV-1 from latent infection via synergy of RUNX1 inhibitor Ro5-3335 and SAHA. PLoS Pathog. 10(3): e1003997.     [ Abstract ]
[Full-text PDF (3279 K) from publisher]     [PMID: 24651404 ]

Lau, C.Y., Maldarelli, F., Eckelman, W.C., and Neumann, R.D. (2014) Rational development of radiopharmaceuticals for HIV-1. Nucl. Med. Biol. 41: 299-308.     [ Abstract ]
[Full-text PDF (1305 K) from publisher]     [PMID: 24607432 ]

De Ravin, S.S., Gray, J.T., Throm, R.E., Spindler, J., Kearney, M., Wu, X., Coffin, J.M., Hughes, S.H., Malderelli, F., Sorrentino, B.P., and Malech, H.L. (2014) False-positive HIV PCR test following ex vivo lentiviral gene transfer treatment of X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency vector. Mol. Ther. 22: 244-245.     [ PubMed Citation ]
[Full-text PDF (84 K) from publisher]     [PMID: 24487563 ]

Wiegand, A., and Maldarelli, F. (2014) Single-copy quantification of HIV-1 in clinical samples. In Human Retroviruses: Methods and Protocols (E. Vicenzi and G. Poli, eds.), Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 1087, Springer Science+Business Media, pp. 251-260.
[ Abstract ]     [PMID: 24158828 ]     [Full-text PDF (297 K) from publisher]

Sloan, E.A., Kearney, M.F., Gray, L.R., Anastos, K., Daar, E.S., Margolick, J., Maldarelli, F., Hammarskjold, M.L., and Rekosh, D. (2013) Limited nucleotide changes in the Rev response element during HIV-1 infection alter overall Rev-RRE activity and Rev multimerization. J. Virol. 87: 11173-11186.     [ Abstract ]     [PMID: 23926352 ]
[Full-text PDF (2361 K) from publisher]     [ Supplemental material (3723 K)]

Maldarelli, F., Kearney, M., Palmer, S., Stephens, R., Mican, J., Polis, M.A., Davey, R.T., Kovacs, J., Shao, W., Rock-Kress, D., Metcalf, J.A., Rehm, C., Greer, S.E., Lucey, D.L., Danley, K., Alter, H., Mellors, J.W., and Coffin, J.M. (2013) HIV populations are large and accumulate high genetic diversity in a nonlinear fashion. J. Virol. 87: 10313-10323.
[ Abstract ]     [PMID: 23678164 ; PMCID: PMC3754011 ]
[Full-text PDF (1909 K) from publisher]

Josefsson, L., Palmer, S., Faria, N.R., Lemey, P., Casazza, J., Ambrozak, D., Kearney, M., Shao, W., Kottilil, S., Sneller, M., Mellors, J., Coffin, J.M., and Maldarelli, F. (2013) Single cell analysis of lymph node tissue from HIV-1 infected patients reveals that the majority of CD4(+) T-cells contain one HIV-1 DNA molecule. PLoS Pathog. 9(6): e1003432.
[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF (536 K) from NIH Public Access]
[PMID: 23818847 ; PMCID: PMC3688524 ]

Andersson, E., Shao, W., Bontell, I., Cham, F., Cuong, D.D., Wondwossen, A., Morris, L., Hunt, G., Sönnerborg, A., Bertagnolio, S., Maldarelli, F., and Jordan, M.R. (2013) Evaluation of sequence ambiguities of the HIV-1 pol gene as a method to identify recent HIV-1 infection in transmitted drug resistance surveys. Infect. Genet. Evol. 18C: 125-131.
[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF (501K) from publisher]     [PMID: 23583545 ]

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[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF article - 667 K]     [ Video link ]

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[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF article - 850 K]     [ Supporting information - 77 K PDF]

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[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF article - 840 K]

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Study suggests immune system suppresses HIV-1 to clinically undetectable levels in long-term nonprogressors

Kearney, M., and Maldarelli, F. (2010) Editorial commentary: Current status of xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related retrovirus in chronic fatigue syndrome and prostate cancer: Reach for a scorecard, not a prescription pad. J. Infect. Dis. 202: 1463-1466.
[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF article - 174 K]

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[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF article]

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[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF article]

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[ Abstract ]     [Full-text PDF article]

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