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     The following list provides an introduction to the literature pertaining to RCAS vectors:

  1. The RCAS vector system.  Hughes, S.H. (2004) Folia Biologica 50: 107-119.     [Full-text PDF]

  2. Retroviral gene delivery. Federspiel, M.J., and Hughes, S.H. (1997) Methods Cell Biol. 52: 179-214.
    [Full-text PDF]

  3. PubMed listing of articles related to the above review by Federspiel and Hughes

  4. Selected publications on retroviral vectors by the Hughes laboratory

  5. Retroviruses.  Coffin, J.M., Hughes, S.H., and Varmus, H.E., editors. (1997) Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Cold Spring Harbor, NY.
    [Full-text online book on National Library of Medicine website]

  6. References section of Chapter 9: Development and Applications of Retroviral Vectors in Retroviruses